Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Manufacturing Bias: Wrap Up

I confess.  I do have a manufacturing bias. 

The latest edition of the Ohio Manufacturers' Association's report "Ohio Manufacturing Counts" does a great job of explaining the manufacturing bias we should all have in Ohio if we care about our economy and the future of our state.

In the past week, I've written about the jobs impact, the importance of smaller manufacturers, the wage impact on Ohio's economy, and the value of exports to our economy too.

It all speaks to the core that manufacturing serves in our Ohio economy.  That refers me back to a slide from Mark Lautman that I wrote about in 2013 "Explaining My Manufacturing Bias."

Mark's slide is a great visual for why manufacturing is so critical to Ohio's economy.  If the core of our economy had a small piece taken from it, the outer rings of our economy would suffer even greater impacts.
That's why we should all have a manufacturing bias.

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