Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Manufacturing Bias: Small Manufacturers Matter in Ohio

I confess.  I do have a manufacturing bias. 

The latest edition of the Ohio Manufacturers' Association's report "Ohio Manufacturing Counts" does a great job of explaining the manufacturing bias we should all have in Ohio if we care about our economy and the future of our state.

One of the things that stands out to me in the report is that, though we have our share of large manufacturers that make up a good chunk of our manufacturing employment, it's the smaller firms that really form the core of the core in Ohio.

Small mold makers supply our plastics industry.  Small tooling companies are the heart of our fabricated metals manufacturers.  Our industrial machinery depends on the little guys.

Clearly, small manufacturing firms matter in Ohio.

A whole page from the 2014 Ohio Manufacturing Counts report

Almost half of Ohio's manufacturing firms have less than 10 employees.  There are only a handful over 1,000-employee firms.

It's clear.  Licking County has more than its share of companies in the 100+ and 250+ ranges.

See the Ohio Manufacturing Counts piece and watch for a few more excerpts in coming days on my blog.

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