Friday, August 1, 2014

My Manufacturing Bias: Manufacturing Boosts Ohio's Economy

I confess.  I do have a manufacturing bias. 

The latest edition of the Ohio Manufacturers' Association's report "Ohio Manufacturing Counts" does a great job of explaining the manufacturing bias we should all have in Ohio if we care about our economy and the future of our state.

Fully 17% of our state GDP comes from the manufacturing sector in Ohio.  And wages are hand-in-glove with that figure.

The data shows total wages in Ohio industry sectors are highest in manufacturing.  With a $55,525 average annual wage in 2012, manufacturing rises high too.

Excerpted from 2014 Ohio Manufacturing Counts report
Clearly, a manufacturing career is one that needs to be considered by young people.  A $26/hour wage is hard to ignore.

Licking County mirrors this aspect of the report too.  Some of the highest-paying jobs in our region are coming from work with Licking County manufacturers or Licking County residents working for regional manufacturers.  STEM jobs matter to the manufacturing sector most of all.

See the Ohio Manufacturing Counts piece and watch for one more excerpt in coming days on my blog.

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