Thursday, August 3, 2017

Five Leadership Skills Takeaway

I speak to Young Leaders Licking of County today.  A couple dozen young professionals get time chatting with me and time riding a Segway PT on our Port Authority campus.

I have no doubt they are here for the Segway experience, but I hope to leave them with more than that memory to take away.

Here's my short list of five leadership skills takeaways that I'm sharing:

On Negotiations (from Jack Kaine)
When there is a conflict between a person's mouth and their feet, believe their feet.  Know tactics not to use them but to know when they are being used on you.

On Interactions (from Michael Allosso)
Use TSP -- Truthful, Specific, and Positive comments best in interactions.  You need all three though.

On Public Speaking (also from Michael Allosso)
Like a movie or a performance, have a strong opening and a strong closing.  Eye contact is important.

On Humility (unattributed)
More can get done if you don't worry about who gets credit.

On Ethics (from Rotary International)
Rotary has its four-way test for use in life and business.  1.) Is it the truth? 2.) Is is fair to all concerned? 3.) Will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4.) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Boosting Manufacturing

The Ohio Manufacturers Association has published it's annual snapshot look at manufacturing and its impact and role in Ohio and the nation's economy.  The "2017 Ohio Manufacturing Counts" is another window into the concept that Ohio never lost its manufacturing prowess but remains a powerhouse to our Ohio economy and the nation's.

It's the largest sector of Ohio's economy, the highest in total wages, and the one in which more than one in 10 Ohioans work.

OMA shares these stats to hit the point home:

  • Manufacturing is the largest of the 20 sectors of Ohio’s economy, contributing 18% of Ohio's GDP.
  • Ohio’s manufacturing sector GDP of $108 billion ranks it third in the nation after only California and Texas.
  • There are 106 manufacturing NAICS categories in which Ohio is first, second or third in the nation.
  • Manufacturing provides 700,000 jobs for Ohio workers. More than one in 10 Ohioans works in manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing has an annual payroll of $39 billion, the highest total annual wages of any Ohio industry sector.
  • The average annual earnings of Ohio workers on manufacturing payrolls? More than $58,000

I'd spotlight a few others:
  • Five percent of the national GDP comes from Ohio manufacturing.
  • While surpassed by health care as the largest employer overall, manufacturing still pays more.
  • 92% of export jobs in Ohio were supported by goods manufacturing in Ohio.
  • Ohio ranks first among the states in  iron/steel pipe, frozen food, plastic bottles, household laundry equipment, and machinery manufacturing.
Check out the full report online.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Newark: We're Moving On Up, Again

The 2016 Census estimates were recently published.  It means adjusting Newark's numbers again. We're moving up, again.

Now, Newark is the 17th largest city in Ohio and one of only three in the top 20 that are growing.  A 3.3% increase in population is significant compared to it's fellow city brethren.

It also means that Newark is the second largest city in Central Ohio.

Here's the chart: