Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Next Smart City Is. . .A Suburb

Two pieces out there on autonomous vehicles and what they mean for suburbs--places like Newark, Ohio--are music to the ears for suburban economic development-minded folks.

Joel Kotkin writes in summation of both pieces: "By one estimate, as much as a trillion dollars of real estate value could swing to locations far from job centers that will become more attractive due to autonomous vehicles."

"Autonomous Cars Are About to Change the Suburbs" is in Forbes. has a piece titled "~$1 Trillion of Real Estate is On The Move. . .Here's Why."

Must reads.

Monday, February 12, 2018

More Than Talking About Infrastructure

The President mentioned it briefly in the State of the Union.  More mention comes today.

The Washington Post previews the $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan with a piece that has a bias expecting there to be more talk than walk on the topic.

Here's hoping we are more than talking about infrastructure.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Welcoming Millennials To The 'Burbs

"But when they do leave the nest, albeit later than in previous generations, they are becoming adults whose collective decisions are not so different from those of their parents."

In his piece, "The Screwed Millennial Generation Gets Smart," Joel Kotkin puts the urban planners on his target list again with a deep-dive, demographic and fact-filled look at millennials' collective life choices.

He cites that millennials are not choosing the density of living that many have pined for in recent years.  Noting that the average age of a millennial is approaching 30 and the generation has had 16 million children of their own now, he's noting the trend to find single-family homes.  He notes the trend to more affordable housing areas and declines in urban population that coincide.

As always, this Kotkin piece is a must-read.