Thursday, July 20, 2017

Newark: We're Moving On Up, Again

The 2016 Census estimates were recently published.  It means adjusting Newark's numbers again. We're moving up, again.

Now, Newark is the 17th largest city in Ohio and one of only three in the top 20 that are growing.  A 3.3% increase in population is significant compared to it's fellow city brethren.

It also means that Newark is the second largest city in Central Ohio.

Here's the chart:

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Manufacturing Growing Again

Market Watch reports U.S. manufacturers are growing again and at a pace better than in the last three years.

The above graphic is a link to the index that was used to make this claim.

That dip tends to match the energy issues that arose in late 2014 and are starting to turn around this year.

Look at the dip in oil production, for example, from this link at

No surprise.  Energy and manufacturing are linked.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

We Are Number 11

The latest from Joel Kotkin for Forbes ranks U.S. cities on manufacturing growth.  The "Where Manufacturing is Thriving in the U.S." piece has news close to home. We're Number 11.

By we, I mean Columbus, a region of which our Port Authority is a part.

With the Port Authority at the heart of the largest manufacturing corridor in this region, it's easy to take hand and pat on back for this improving ranking.

In fact, we recently won an international project against the #1 city on the list that could help our region's rankings in the future.

The piece points out that the northern part of the New American Heartland pulled more than its weight in the latest rankings too, saying, "Nine of this year's top 10 regions for manufacturing job growth are in red states."  They could have said 10 of the top 11 for that matter.