Wednesday, May 24, 2017

If The New American Heartland Were a Country. . .

If the New American Heartland were a country, it's GDP in 2015 would have totaled $7.99 trillion.

That's the combined GDP of the states that make up the so-called New American Heartland that gained its name from a Center for Opportunity Urbanism report by that same name.

Now ponder that.

At that level, the New American Heartland would be larger than the GDP of Japan and Germany combined.

Can you think of a country where a part of it was disparaged with the term "Rust Belt" like much of the New American Heartland is disparaged?

Ponder that.

So, yes, it is a big deal that this region needs to change the narrative that sees an impactful part of the U.S. labeled by a pejorative.

The current narrative, honed by a negative term, has to change in order to change the future to a more positive one.


Do the math yourself with a comparison of nominal GDP of states and countries at Wikipedia.

Friday, May 19, 2017

New American Heartland Signals End of "R" Word

"The New American Heartland" report made it's debut at the City Club of Cleveland yesterday.  It's now officially out in print.

I'd like to hope that the gong at the City Club was the signal going forward that the "Rust Belt" term has come to an end.  Indeed, that was my personal contribution to the discussion at the panel.

More than that, though, I hope that the narrative that the report supports goes forward in development circles.

The New American Heartland's combination of manufacturing prowess, logistics, energy, and human capital are the formula for revival of Middle America and renewing of the middle class.

Joel Kotkin said it best.  "The future of the Heartland rests with the Heartland."

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

No Rust Here: The New American Heartland

With tweets over the past few days, the Center for Opportunity Urbanism released its latest report by co-authors Joel Kotkin and Michael Lind.  "The New American Heartland: Revitalizing The Middle Class by Revitalizing Middle America" piece is now available for download.

Before the 2016 Presidential election made manufacturing and the Midwest populist topics, the report was being put together. The report sends the message that the "New American Heartland" is the key to revitalizing the entire country and the middle class.  The opportunities for U.S. manufacturing's future are fueled by logistics, energy, and a growing middle class from the Midwest and the entire middle of the country.

I have a bias, but I say it's a must-read.

A sidebar in the report has a familiar name on it.  Here's an excerpt from yours truly.