Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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This column is on a pause.

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Goodbye to The Vindy, Like Family

Newsrooms don't look like this anymore.  Soon, this particular newsroom won't exist at all.

This is The Youngstown Vindicator newsroom circa 1953.  My grandfather, Dick Platt, is depicted at the "State Desk" where he served as assistant state editor.

My grandpa worked 43 years with The Vindy.  As a young reporter, he covered the infamous Little Steel Strike in 1937, later telling us kids of bullets buzzing past his ears.  As copy editor, he wrote the headlines for Black Monday in 1977, a sad day for the economy of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley.  He retired in 1979 two years after VCTs (computers) confoundedly came to his copy desk.

With 43 years of employment at one place, the history of The Vindicator is family history to the Platt family.

It's been a reservoir of Ohio History.

In less than 60 days, only the history will remain.  The Vindicator will cease to produce a newspaper in August 2019.  After 150 years of print publication, it will stop printing.

I wrote to Bertram de Souza, the editorial page editor whom I met 30 years ago and who recalled stories about my grandfather, "Be proud of all you have done.  Know that what you reported and deterred by the threat of reporting made Youngstown and Ohio a better place."

God bless.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Population Preview: Newark's Population Gains Stand Out

The annual look at U.S. Census Bureau estimates for cities isn't due out until May.  However, WorldPopulationReview.com has given us a preview based on 2018 Census estimates.

Newark is now Ohio's 15th largest city.  The preview predicts Newark will stand out with another rise in the rankings again this year.

Newark's 1.8% estimated population increase versus 2017 estimates is best among Ohio's twenty largest cities.  There were four Ohio cities--Columbus, Lorain, Newark, and Middletown--that predicted population gains among the top 20 cities.

Further, Newark will retain its status as the second largest city in the Columbus metro area. It's hard to ignore a rise like Newark has seen among its peers.

Population growth is a measure of as well as a predictor of economic success.  Newark's growth among it's Ohio city peers stands out as a sign of its economic gains as well as a strong predictor of its ability to sustain a growing workforce to accommodate future growth.

Congratulations, Mayor Jeff Hall and Newark.