Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Manufacturing Bias: Manufacturing Jobs Matter in Ohio

I confess.  I do have a manufacturing bias. 

The latest edition of the Ohio Manufacturers' Association's report "Ohio Manufacturing Counts" includes a deeper look at the jobs in Ohio in manufacturing and Ohio's status among the states. They both are pretty telling.

It proves that Ohio manufacturing remains the core of our economy.

With 663,000 jobs, manufacturing is exceeded only by health care and government for the number of jobs in any given industry sector.  More than 1 in 10 working people in Ohio are employed in manufacturing.

Licking County closely resembles that number, and it's especially true in our city neighborhoods in Newark and Heath.

Excerpt from 2014 Ohio Manufacturing Counts
Ohio manufacturing matters to the nation too.  With an almost 50,000-person growth in manufacturing jobs since 2009, Ohio continues to add to its share of the U.S. manufacturing jobs.  Only population-heavy states California and Texas surpass Ohio in the percentage share of U.S. manufacturing jobs.

Excerpt from 2014 Ohio Manufacturing Counts
So, it's easy to see why we should have a manufacturing bias in Ohio.

See the Ohio Manufacturing Counts piece and watch for a few more excerpts in coming days on my blog.

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