Monday, August 4, 2014

My Manufacturing Bias: Exports Key to Ohio Manufacturing

I confess.  I do have a manufacturing bias. 

The latest edition of the Ohio Manufacturers' Association's report "Ohio Manufacturing Counts" does a great job of explaining the manufacturing bias we should all have in Ohio if we care about our economy and the future of our state.

The report also touches an issue that can tend to be the third rail in politics--don't touch it.

Where would our nation, and Ohio in particular, be without exports?  Fair trade matters in Ohio.  27.6% of manufacturing jobs rely on exports with $50 billion in products exported to 211 countries.

Excerpted from 2014 Ohio Manufacturing Counts report.

Exports grew more than 10% since 2011 and 50% since 2009. 

And the countries to whom we export products is diverse.  Almost half of our exports are owed to NAFTA trading partners (that's noteworthy!) and China is a growing export market for Ohio manufactured goods as well.

Excerpted from 2014 Ohio Manufacturing Counts report.

See the Ohio Manufacturing Counts piece and my past pieces excerpted from the report.

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