Thursday, July 5, 2012

When Our Government Uses a Machete Instead of a Paring Knife

The Washington Post got the story right. The Lima Army Tank Plant is fighting for its life, again, in the federal budget. However, does anyone imagine an Army without tanks? No.

The plan:  Shut down the only tank plant left in the United States but, magically, come back in three years and start making tanks again.  Tanks.  Tanks?

Tank making is not something the Pep Boys can do.  I also don't think we want to entrust the Chinese to make our tanks either.

Cutting may be necessary.  However, this is just one more example where our government uses a machete instead of a paring knife for cutting budgets.

Who actually thinks that can work?  Any plan to shut down and restart in a few years is ill-conceived and, frankly, dangerous.

Keep fighting, Lima.  It's not just for the local economy, it's for our national security too.

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