Monday, June 11, 2012

Life in a Swing State: Cabinet Members, or Lack Thereof

To the victor goes the spoils, but Ohio has not gained many spoils from its effort to put Presidents over the top as the premier "Swing State."  Cabinet seats have been all but non-existent for Ohioans.

No Cabinet member of the Obama Administration is from Ohio.  Though HHS Secretary Sebelious is the daughter of a former Ohio Governor and, thus, has Ohio roots, her last time living in Ohio is a distant memory.

Now Senator Rob Portman, as a Trade Representative and OBM Chief, was the only Ohioan with a Cabinet-level seat during the Bush 43 years.

As the 7th-most populous state, one would think that at least one Ohioan in the Cabinet is favored by odds alone. 

Thus, the Swing State advantage has not been much of one from this spoils point of view.

Tell me again.  Why would we want to be a Swing State?

This is one in a series on Life In A Swing State aimed at pushing Ohio's Swing State status in the state's favor just a little bit.

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