Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Upbeat Commercial Real Estate Report Like Good Medicine

Starting with this photo of Newark in the early 1950's, Steve Layman of Anderson Layman Blog fame spoke to Newark Rotary about commercial real estate in Licking County.  It was a reprisal of his annual presentation to the Community Leadership Class of Licking County.  I hadn't heard it for a few years, and needed a dose.

He pointed out major employers that had left or, at best, significantly downsized.  He just as quickly, though, pointed out that predictions of doom and gloom didn't come to be.  He labeled our town a healthy place indeed for commercial real estate and, by extension, our economy.

He cited "economic heroes" of Licking County who took huge personal risks and built their businesses for the benefit of the health of our local economy.  There's Jack O'Neill and his spec buildings and industrial parks, which continue with a fervor.  There's Herb Murphy, Alan Benton, Tom Harvey, Larry Dickson, and Don Blake too on Steve's heroes list.

Layman's remarks ended up right where he started--looking at downtown Newark.  He predicted 2018, when a series of key infrastructure projects have come to fruition, as a great year ahead for downtown Newark.

Rotary got their dosage of upbeat medicine.  I think we're going to have to make Steve give this speech every year.

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