Monday, October 13, 2014

Had To Share

I know it seems as if I can't stick to my manufacturing, anti-Rust Belt term, suburb-biased blog.  That's because . . .

. . . I can't.

Above is a side-by-side comparison of the house of my fourth great grandmother, Phebe Ann (nee Woodmansee) Conway Driskill. 

At right, is the illustration of her house that appeared in a book published in 1880 titled History of Ross and Highland Counties.  Her house was described as being in the western side of Fairfield Township in Highland County.

When I drove by a similar house after a family reunion in that area last weekend, I was on a quest to find her house. And I did.

The house on the left is from Bing Maps' bird's eye view aerial photo feature.  It's on the 6500 block of McVey Road in the western side of Fairfield Township.

It's still there!

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