Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Countdown: More Family Ornaments

My family Christmas tree isn't going to win any beauty contest.  Admittedly, it's a hodge podge.  And we love it!

I have ornaments, both hand-made and store bought, adorning the tree.  Some of them my kids made.  Some, I made as a kid.

Every ornament has a story.  Here's the story on a few more family ornaments.

This one my mom bought me to remind me of a memory.  She went with me to the fireworks on the Mall in D.C. in 1987 when I was a Congressional intern.  This one has lights and sounds of fireworks, though the bulb plug-in doesn't fit the modern lights I have now.

While we are on D.C.. . .

My mom made this one.  Brynley put it at the heart of the tree.  Yes, it's a heart.

This one was made by the glass artists at our local science and art museum, The Works.

There's some sort of game associated with this pickle.  I've forgotten the rules though.

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