Thursday, December 12, 2013

An Amazing Show of Pragmatism

I steer clear of the partisan side of politics in this blog, but I couldn't not share this.

PolicyMic, a website I can't recall anything about before, posted some images of the Obamas, Clintons, and Bushes mixing it up on Air Force One and in South Africa as part of the recent Nelson Mandela ceremony.

This is a must-see collage of pragmatism on display. 

These people spent millions fighting each other and still do look for reasons to deliver political knocks, but they can laugh together and sit near each other.  PolicyMic's conclusion might alarm a few people, but it might also be right.  It concluded, "Conservative and liberal politicians spend more time together, and have more in common with one another, than we’d like to believe."

See "8 Photos You Didn't See From Obama's Trip to South Africa."

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