Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lessons From My Kids' School Facebook Page

A school Facebook photo with the kids cropped out of view.
My youngest kids' elementary school got a Facebook page this year.  It's neat to tune in to find my kids in the crowd.

I'm seeing things I can't believe. 

I've found two times where my boys are sitting next to each other in photos.  They can't do that in the car or at home without fighting so I'm puzzled how that happened at school once, much less twice.

My daughter keeps getting captured in some gym activity.  I'm glad she's getting exercise.  No couch potato there.

The best photos, though, are the ones of the teachers on SmartBoards with the kids fully engaged.

SmartBoards have replaced chalk boards in my kids' modern classroom.  With multi-media capability, color, and technology, even the old-school school teacher can find a way to inspire the Disney generation which just won't go for white chalk on a green board.

The first time I saw a SmartBoard was in a business.  That's all I needed to know the technology belonged here in the classroom too. 

I'm further convinced Newark City Schools are preparing the next generation in STEM skills.  Need proof?  Go to their Facebook page.

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