Friday, September 20, 2013

A Big Little Railroad

When you hear "short line railroad" you think small.  Licking County's short line railroad actually is pretty big.  Genesee & Wyoming Railroad, which owns the Ohio Central Railroad and Columbus & Ohio River Railroad companies that serve Licking County, has completed its merger with Rail America and the final result is one big, short line.

According to a recent article in Railway Track and Structures, the new G&W has 111 freight railroads, 15,100 miles of track, and 10,000 locomotives.

That sure doesn't sound like a little railroad.

Though big isn't inherently better, in this case I think the powerhouse can translate into better rates and service for our shippers who still depend on interchanging with the Class I railroads.  There may be, increasingly, times when the origin and destination of freight end up being on G&W lines alone. 

I'll keep looking for big things from G&W.

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