Friday, April 26, 2013

Ohio's Driverless Car Story Can Be Strong

Ohio has a strong story to tell on the driverless car.  It really does.  It's time to start telling it.

Ohio is strong in automotive.  In fact, we are number two in the nation.  The "Big 3" remain headquartered in Michigan, but many of their plants are in Ohio.  Honda buys over $9 billion in Ohio goods and services to make cars.  The automotive industry is in every county in Ohio in some form or another.
Ohio is strong in aerospace-related industries with capabilities that mirror many that the autonomous car would require.  Not only is Ohio the #1 supplier state to Boeing, it also is to Airbus.  Aerospace has deployed many of the driverless car similiar technologies for decades.  Autopilot isn't theoretical anymore.
Ohio is strong in industry and university research.  Ohio University has worked on the NextGen FAA systems replacing current radar.  Ohio State is working on a driverless car.  That $100MM+ in Third Frontier money has got to be going somewhere!  I hope anyway.
Ohio has a legacy in sensors, GPS, MEMS, inertial guidance, metrology, and radar.  I don't have to look far out the window of my office to see that.  The customers at the Port Authority's Aerospace Center campus touch every one of those industry subsegments.  Our Port Authority owns not one, but two anechoic chambers for calibrating and testing radar.
We're behind on the organizing side, though, I tend to think.  It's not too late though. 

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