Friday, November 2, 2012

Life In a Swing State: Keeping Manufacturing Top of Mind in Washington

Before the election season, mere mention of manufacturing was less commonplace.  Many even well informed people would have just simply thought manufacturing was dead and gone. 

The election put a spotlight on Ohio and, thus, the topic of manufacturing gained the spotlight in a huge way nationally as well.

However, will mere mention of manufacturing by politicians and policy makers go away when the election spotlight leaves Ohio after November 6th?  Will the issue fade away from top of mind in Washington?

Let's hope not.

Demographics tell us that the U.S. is growing population while the countries with which we compete for GDP growth--China, Japan, and the European Union--are seeing population declines now and into the future. 

What Joel Kotkin calls the "Demographic Dividend" can get spent in favor of increased manufacturing in the U.S. if we have policies that are equipped to seize it.  But it all starts with embracing manufacturing and making policies at the national and state levels that help manufacturing thrive. 

That all starts with keeping the momentum going and keeping manufacturing mentions going.

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