Friday, November 9, 2012

Ending Swing State Status

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted threw out a trial balloon idea to the audience of the Impact Ohio post election conference yesterday. It didn't get much of a reaction, but I, for one, almost stood up and cheered.

Husted was on the front line of our state's recent Swing State status as Ohio's elections chief. He understands economic development and the negative impact that status has on Ohio. He is a pragmatic guy who works to get things done instead of getting mired in stagnation.

I like, and trust, his perspective.  And his idea was right on.

Ohio should award it's electoral votes by Congressional District, rather than winner takes all. Nebraska and Maine do this already.

That would halt our Swing State status in the stroke of a pen. Yes, as many would rightly argue, it would divide our state's clout, but, besides media funding, what has Swing State status gotten us anyway?

I hope he keeps talking about it.

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