Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Next Generation Politician

2012 has some milestone firsts for my daughter, Brynley, should she become a politician some day.

Her first door-to-door canvassing was in February.  She and her brothers knocked on dozens of doors in our ward, especially those of identified undecided voters, to push for the park district levy.  It was a lesson for them, and the stats showed they likely made a difference.

She toured the White House for the first time this August.  She showed amazing diplomatic skills by not saying anything bad about the current occupant of the place either, despite what she might possibly have somehow overheard.

Wednesday, she won her first election.  Brynley was elected Student Council Alternate for her elementary school's fourth grade class.  She helped the boy who is also an alternate with her get some votes.  Guess she needed a lesson on voting a bullet!

She's first eligible to run for President in 2040.

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