Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life In A Swing State: What's The Recovery Time?

One recent report said $72.5 million in political television advertising had run in Ohio between April and September.  And, seemingly, 99% of that was negative advertising.

Tack on the national news stories where, seemingly, every one of them take a slam at Ohio either calling us the "Rust Belt" state or some such pejorative label.

And it's not over.  We have almost a month of this still to go.

The collective psyche of Ohio has been through the ringer.  This has to have a negative impact on our people's thinking and our collective attitudes as a state.  In fact, it does.

It has me wondering.  What is the recovery time for this?

I sure hope it doesn't take 48 months.  Or we'll never come out of this cycle.

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