Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life In a Swing State: And It's Not Yet Labor Day

Barely over 100 years ago, Ohioan William McKinley gave only speeches from his Canton front porch as his entire national campaign for President. Now, Ohioans must think the candidates themselves are coming to their front porch. Such is life in a Swing State these days.

Joe Hallet's weekly column had this factoid:
"In the 75-day period from May 1 to July 14, $44 million in ads were aired in Ohio on the presidential race alone, including $20 million in Cleveland and $8 million in Columbus."

He added the fact that not one ad was a positive one either.

Hallett nailed the point. It's not even Labor Day yet!

This is one in a series on Life In A Swing State aimed at pushing Ohio's Swing State status in the state's favor just a little bit.

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