Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On Not Selecting the Low Bidder

Saturday, the Port Authority succesfully completed the removal of a 160-feet tall former water tower.  The tower sat next to our new $5.7 million building, adjacent to the fire pumps that serve our campus' fire suppression system, and over top a high pressure gas main.  It became unnecessary when, a couple of years ago, the City of Heath was successfully persuaded to build a more capable tower nearby.

Thanks to a change in state law, we didn't have to just select the low bidder.  We owe a thank you to the Ohio General Assembly and Governor Kasich for that!

The contractor selected from our selection process was Iseler Demolition.  Their reputation was superb for deliverying on-time and per-contract.  They, along with two others, were invited to bid on the project under a qualified contractor process. 

Iseler's crew started at 5 a.m.  They were done and gone before 5 p.m.  All in one day.


It was ahead of schedule and under budget also.  Triply amazing.

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