Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Encounter with a Nomadic Salesman

Had to share.

Monday, I heard the story of a Mayor, frustrated by yard signs cluttering up his city, decided to be a nuisance to the nuisances.  He used robocalling to bombard the sign people with phone calls until they removed them.  That guy's a government innovator.

Wednesday, I became that Mayor, sort of.  The twist was on me, though.

The sign above was planted at the intersection of two roadways on our Port Authority industrial park property.  I was irate.

So, I called the phone number and left a message.  I warned the sign planter that we charge for advertising and that I was wondering where to send the $1,000 invoice.

To my surprise, he called back!  It was a heated discussion which saw me threaten robocalling on him.  He threatened to go to my Board.  While I was out, he actually visited my office.  It wasn't pretty at all.

Next time, I'll just yank the signs.

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