Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Talking National Manufacturing Strategy

There's nothing national and nothing strategic that gets done less than seven months before a Presidential election but that doesn't stop advocacy for a national manufacturing strategy.  There continues to be talk about it in manufacturing and policy circles outside the DC Beltway.

I won't repeat all the past reasons for it that I've written about.  I will share some others' thoughts.

At a conference in San Antonio a couple of months back, I was privileged to get to task two formidable people with federal government-level experience their thoughts about the chances for a national manufacturing strategy--Henry Cisneros, President Clinton's HUD Secretary, and Stephen Perry, Bush 43's GSA chief.

They stated the point that some instantly think of an effort to pick winners as the outcome of a national manufacturing strategy.  They both agreed that no policy has a chance that gets involved in picking winners.

They also agreed that there wasn't much chance of a "sectoral policy" in this, an election year.

Just sharing.

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