Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Manufacturing Benefits From Shale Gas

As a drill site is getting prepped, one of the first machines to arrive is a giant stone crushing machine from Screen Machine Industries in Licking County.  The machine takes big rocks likely found on the site and crushes them down for use as fill material and a road bed for site access.

As the work on the drill site advances, the large, steel pipes arrive that are part of the vertical drilling phase.  The pipe arrives packaged with steel strapping made by Samuel Strapping Systems located in Heath. 

As the work further advances and its time to add pressure to the drilling and well production process, giant compressors made by Ariel Corporation in nearby Mount Vernon, Ohio and employing many Licking County workers arrive on the site for installation.

These are just three, quick examples of how Licking County area manufacturers are already benefitting from sales to the nationally-booming oil and gas business. 

Imagine if the estimates for installation of new drilling sites in Eastern Ohio materialize. 

It's clear that manufacturing fuels energy and energy fuels manufacturing.  That's what March 22nd and the Licking County Energy Summit is all about.  See details online at

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