Monday, October 24, 2011

Local Manufacturing Making News

This doesn't happen often.  Two news stories in two days about local manufacturers.

Sunday, The Dispatch profiled Ariel Corp. for their series on the soon-to-boom oil and gas industry.  The best quote:  ". . .Because of the Marcellus shale and the Bakken shale (in Montana and North Dakota) — oil and gas, not just gas — the United States could be energy independent. Really, truly."  Great news.  And I believe Karen Wright is right.

Today, a local machine shop gets profiled by The Advocate.  See the story, dateline St. Louisville.  Precision is the name of the game in this tiny shop.  The best quote:  "A lot of my work is held in (or only allowing a difference of) one-third of a hair strand."  Wow.  St. Louisville is a small town.  Proves skills can be found anywhere.

Keep them coming, news media.

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