Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Cure For Twitterhea

Urban Dictionary defines Twitterhea well.  As the word combo of Twitter and another word implies, Twitterhea is an infliction of people who put out too many useless tweets.

I have the cure for it.

Of course, one can just unfollow the offenders.  For non-Twitter users, this means stop listing them among Twitter accounts looked at regularly.  This option is not so social, though. I did this with my daughter when I found her inflicted with a bad case of Twitterhea.  I think I greatly offended her though.

I think Flipboard is the best option.  Flipboard offers multiple ways to cure Twitterhea.  Flipboard is an iPad App that converts Twitter messages into newspaper-like content.  Since most Twitterhea has no solid information contained in it, Flipboard simply moves on without much notice of the offenders' messages.

Flipboard also has a way to take Twitter lists and only show those lists' contents.  Thus, you can list everyone on your Twitter feed except the Twitterhea offenders and simply follow that list. 

Viola!  End of Twitterhea.

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