Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hopefully Not Jinxing My Indians

I haven't written about my team, the Cleveland Indians, since June 2.  I stopped writing out of fear that it was me, predicting then that an even up rest of the season could still yield a trip to the post season, that was jinxing them.  Though my prediction that it would take 88 wins appears to still be right on, the team was in a reversal that would see them be 14 games under that "even up" mark.

But there's reason for hope, most of which is that I hope I'm not jinxing them.

The Indians just endured a 10-game stretch that saw them play against only first-placed teams.  I think I heard that was a record of some kind for the most sequential games against a first-placed opponent. 

Though the Indians ended that stretch just 5-5, it could have been a whole lot worse. A whole lot worse indeed.

There were signs, even, that this team could make a playoff run if they could sustain their effort.

Seven of those 10 games were away games, including four in AL-leading Boston's Fenway Park, an unforgiving place even when the Red Sox are in last place.

Four of their losses were by just one run and four of their losses were decided in the other teams' last inning at bat.

Momentum is at hand, as long as I didn't jinx 'em.

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