Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rotary Park in Newark, Ohio

Rotary Park in Newark, Ohio was a gift of the Newark Rotary Club to the community to mark the Centennial of Rotary International in 2006.  It's great for a ton of reasons.  Here's two.

For one, my kids love it.  They first got to try it out when it opened five years ago.  As they've progressed from toddlers, to preschoolers, to school-age they've continued to want to be here and burn off energy.

For second, it's accessibility for handicapped children is second to none.  About every time we've been here where there's a decent-sized crowd, we get a real-life example of  kids who, a generation ago, would not have had a chance to experience a playground.  Who doesn't think that's a good thing?

Thanks, Rotarians.

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