Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pondering Commuters

I just read a Gannett chain article on the Census' latest commuter stats. See here for the full story.

Licking County saw the percentage of its residents commuting out of the county go up slightly to 43%. The article, rightly, points out how that stat translates for real people. It means less family time for most, though that is offset by a better place to live.

Ponder this.

What happens if gas prices go up? What happens if jobs open in Licking County that pay close to what the commuter makes now?

These are real questions worth asking.

Gas prices are going up and likely will stay up. Plus, with the Baby Boomer Class of '65 turning 65 next year, there will be jobs opening in Licking County up the street from commuters. Jobs could go unfilled.

What will the commuters do?

The answer to that question will affect economic development in Licking County for some time to come.

I'm predicting Licking County fares pretty well. Welcome home commuters. Help us ensure no job goes unfilled in Licking County.

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