Monday, March 7, 2011

Message Integration in Web 2.0

Once again, I think our Port Authority is showing its pretty savvy and innovative.  Message integration using the Internet is one key way we earn our reputation as a government innovator.

Our customers' personnel totals 860 people who answer, collectively, to over a dozen different employers.  There's no way to mass e-mail or, otherwise, reach all 860 people with one fell swoop.  Yet, from time to time, we have a message we need to get out to everyone on safety, development, or community events.

So, at the Aerospace Center, we have to integrate our messages.

It's a pretty light message today, but it still makes my point.

Message Boards
This appears on color-printed posters in five locations on the campus.

LED Marquees
This same piece will scroll through on two color message marquees at each of the two main entrances.

Facebook page tab
This PSA is a tab on our Facebook page.

Online Message Center
Our customers' personnel who go to our extranet site intended for personnel will find a tab with this too.

Lobby Message Center
We scroll this same PSA on our Lobby Message Center too, a 60" television converted to an Internet-accessible message board.

No one approach reaches everyone.  The integrated approach reaches the widest audience of all though.

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