Friday, August 6, 2010

Truly Stimulating Stimulus

The Port Authority has a trio of construction capital projects underway at the same time this August.  All three are truly stimulating stimulus projects.  Though none have gotten grant money from state or federal coffers, the economy benefits from this infrastructure investments.

A waterline is being installed along Kaiser Drive on the Port Authority's Aerospace Center South Campus.  Law General Contracting is installing the 1,400 feet of line.  They're buying PVC pipe made in Ohio and stone mined in Ohio.  They are also getting more time out of American-made heavy equipment.  The local, regional, and national economies get a short-term economic boost from this project.

Most importantly the project is putting public infrastructure in place that will open up 30+ more acres of industrial land and serve to have a long-term economic impact that will create jobs in the future.

That's what a truly stimulating stimulus project does.

These other two projects are more of the same.  Underground conduit is being installed to accept electric and telecommunication services.  Port Authority master plans shows the potential for more than 100,000 sq. ft. of future office space being served by these installations being done by Salyer Electric and Layton Excavating.

The Horton Building is a $5.7 million office and clean room building where more than $2 million of the first $3.4 million in construction services- and materials-buying is coming from local vendors.  Robertson Construction is the general contractor.

It's worth noting that Central Ohio's first Recovery Zone Facility Bond issuance, a federal stimulus tax incentive program (not a grant), was helpful to keep costs competitive on this stimulating stimulus project.

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