Monday, June 21, 2010

Seeing Paul Krugman Before My Morning Coffee

Within seconds of each other, two of my friends on Facebook posted up op-ed pieces with the same face on them.  This was no Cindy Crawford or Christy Brinkley face here either.  It was Paul Krugman.

I hadn't yet had my morning coffee either.

First was the anti-Krugman.  The conservative-minded Facebooker lamented Krugman's June 18 NYT column wondering whether two years of unemployment benefits constituted welfare instead of insurance.

Then the pro-Krugman chimed in.  The other, more liberal Facebooker, only a few seconds behind the other but unbeknownst to the other, posted Krugman's June 20 column railing against deficit cutting right now.  This time the more liberal view took hold saying go ahead and spend a little.

So who is Paul Krugman anyway?  He's the author of the blog Conscience of a Liberal and someone who can really rile people up on both sides, apparently.

Just not before my morning coffee, though.  Please.

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