Saturday, May 15, 2010


The Port Authority has hosted three senatorial, two gubernatorial, and numerous congressional visits in the past eight years as part of a caucus-building effort begun in 2002. 
The concept is simple.  We have a place that, because of the unique public-private partnership, more frequently needs the continued partnership with federal and state officials.  We find if a legislator or executive has visited, they are, in advance, more knowledgeable of the value and impact of the Aerospace Center.
After the primary, we invited major party candidates for Governor and U.S. Senate to visit the Aerospace Center to get better acquainted.  We've done this before when the 18th Congressional District candidates for an open seat visited.

A campaign bus arrived Friday with John Kasich and Mary Taylor on board.  The gubernatorial candidates paid a visit to the Port Authority's customer, Bionetics, and a tour of the underground labs for the Air Force Primary Standards Laboratory.
The quote online at that evening shows the value of the visit to our mission:  “This is just a great place,” Kasich said. “It shows you can take a government facility, privatize a government facility, improve the facility and have a great result. This is a jewel."
That's caucus-building.

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