Monday, March 15, 2010

I Liked the Name Potentia

My Chairman sent me a link to Seth's Blog on naming a business.  He remembered what we went through in Summer 2009 in attempting to find a name to replace the very-long, but descriptive Central Ohio Aerospace & Technology Center name for our Port Authority property in Heath.
In a nutshell, Seth's advice was to pick a name that didn't have a lot of meaning attached to it already and cautioned that if your friends liked it to "run" as in run away from the idea. 
However, the blog gave me two more reasons to like the name Potentia.  That's the name I proposed last Summer that was not adopted.
To be fair, Seth said to stick to English words. Potentia is not, at least directly, an English word.  It's latin for power, strong, and effective.  I envisioned the tag line:  "Power.  Capacity.  Sounds like Potential."
It's not a name anyone knew the meaning of right away.
It's also a name that no one liked, but me.

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