Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Watching Three Trends

I'm speaking to the Licking County Board of Realtors today.

It's short remarks.  Short remarks are harder to give then long ones.

I'm talking about the "New American Heartland" and three trends influencing the work of the Port Authority.  Here are those points and links to the things I'll be talking about.

1. The U.S. is poised to grow it's share of GDP against it's GDP competitors.  This chart tells the story.

2. The Midwest is poised to grow it's GDP share and outpace the rest of the U.S.  I'll reference the publication that came out in May, "The New American Heartland: Renewing the Middle Class by Revitalizing Middle America."

3. Ohio's manufacturing and suburbs consistently lead Ohio growth.  I'll reference my own analysis of Site Selection magazine results and the Ohio Manufacturers Associations recent report, "2017 Ohio Manufacturing Counts."

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