Friday, June 9, 2017

Back From Derided

From Warm Center to Ragged Edge is a book I'm curious to read.  The Washington Post reports on the book that looks at the erosion of the Midwest U.S.'s standing from 1920 to 1965.

According to the Post review, Jon Lauck's book explains how a mass media-fueled urban viewpoint and a stronger Washington are behind the derision of the Midwest.

The Post author of the review had to seize upon the stereotypes to make his point.  He references "Rust Belt" pejorative twice.  His editors found a way to slip it in two more times.

Not enough stereotypes?  Then, he writes, "This [book] may sound dull as ditch water to those who believe that the 'flyover' states are inhabited largely by clodhoppers, fundamentalist zealots and loudmouthed Babbitts."

Nonetheless, gaining an understanding what's behind causing a whole region to be derided so much as the Industrial Midwest has been and continues to be is worth a read.

It's also the key to coming back again.

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