Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Watching Employment On The Rise Again

A chart produced by the Ohio LMI labor force query tool.

Today, the March 2014 Labor Market Review report came out from the state.  A look at the last 15 months of employment in Licking County shows a positive trend. 

For one, record employment and labor force numbers are, again, within grasp.  Should summer employment ramp-ups mirror 2013, they will be achieved.

It also shows that 1,200 more people are employed in Licking County than were a year ago in March 2013.  Employment levels are back above the 80,000-person level for the first time in 2014. 

Though I've been coached not to focus on unemployment, it's hard not to miss the fact that the unemployment column is at its lowest level in the last 15 months. Indeed, 4,700 unemployed is the lowest level since May 2008, almost six years.

Good news abounds.

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