Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ohio Manufacturing Gains Prompt the "R" Word

Manufacturer's News, Inc. sent a news release and a tweet out touting the "slow, steady rise" of manufacturing jobs in Ohio.  Overall, it reports that Ohio gained 0.5% in manufacturing jobs for the second year in a row.  See the full report.

Some sectors, namely industrial machinery and fabricated metals, gained 2.9% and 2.5% respectively, as reported by the Dayton Daily News.

This is good news.

But then the President of the Publishing Company, Tom Dubin, had to use the "R" word.  The third paragraph of the good news piece started, "Once a struggling Rust Belt state, Ohio has experienced something of a manufacturing renaissance." 

Why'd he have to go and do that?

It was like deja vu for the 2012 Presidential race.  Here's some media at work, again, trying to spin the Ohio recovery as a rags to riches story that seemingly demands, almost really requires, they use the "R" word.

For once, I'd like to get my good news on the plate without having to take a look backward at the bad news on the plates in the past.

Mr. Dubin, we have a thesaurus entry for you.

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