Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Proof of Fording the Creek

I don't think people believed me, even some engineers I told about it. 

I told the story of a roadway that ran through a creek in Massillon, Ohio.  Not over, but through.

Here it is.  I took this photo in late June 2013.

This is old State Road that was the primary way to travel east of Massillon to Canton at one time.  I remember "fording" the creek on the road multiple times in a car.  

It always was covered in water and, sometimes, was impassable as it was icy or the water was higher.  You had to gun it to make sure you made it all the way, even when the water level was low.

The point in showing it, though, is that one can build something that lasts even under water for years.  Notice that the road portion under water is in better shape than the asphalt roadway east of the creek.

Engineers take notice.  I talked about it as the reason not to worry about a bike path that gets close to a creek.  If it's done right, it can survive multiple baths from the waterway.

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