Monday, June 24, 2013

Ohio From an Outside Viewpoint

The e-mail from a national consultant alerting me to Sunday's edition of Barberbiz came with the opener, "Interesting item from OH."  I didn't need the e-mail alert as Dean Barber's column needs no sharing in my book.  I read it regularly.

Dean is sharing his latest travels, this time to Ohio.

Given the Ohio-themed heads up and starting with the headline:  "And They Will Prevail" conveys a sense of good stuff to come for Ohioans.  The byline--Rattlesnake Island, Lake Erie--scared me  though.

Barber's choice of byline and headline fit his theme of the column.  Read it yourself, but I put his theme as this: Ohio is burdened by misperceptions that have become reality, but Ohio will prevail.

On right to work laws and the passing of such laws by the states of Indiana and Michigan, he writes: "For the record, I believe this right-to-work advantage is more perception than reality, but here again perception becomes a reality.  I will advise a corporate client that the advantages to a right-to-work state are rather miniscule."

He's right so far.

He predicts Ohio's Governor Kasich, in a second term should one be afforded him, will take on getting a right to work law on the books in Ohio. 

I'm not so sure he's right on that one.

He sums up this Ohio visit:

"And while Ohio, with its manufacturing tradition, did take the full brunt of the Great Recession, it is clear that no one here gave up the ship. The fight continues for better jobs and a better future for future generations. And they will prevail."

I sure hope he's right there.

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