Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Driverless Car Q&A Thoughts

Business Week weighed in on the driverless car issue yesterday too.  It raised more questions, and answered them.  Reading it, caused me to add three more questions to the Q&A my column had yesterday.

Q:  Cisco published a survey and their prime question was would you want a driverless car?
A:  My answer is, indeed, "yes."  Apparently 60% of Americans agree with me.

Q: Isn't driverless more like autopilot?
A: I think the answer is, "Yes."  Clearly there's some predictions that driverless truly means driverless, but the concept is more likely going to start out with cars that can drive themselves in certain settings, but require people to take the wheel in other settings.

Q: Would you let your kids ride in the driverless car?
A: The Cisco survey asked that question too.  In the U.S., 48% of us said, "Yes" to that question.  I'd be a yes too as long as the car had bucket seats to keep the boys from fighting.

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