Monday, April 8, 2013

It's a Home Opener Against the Hated Ones

It's Opening Day in Cleveland.  I'll be there, albiet at a upper level opposite the field from the view I had for this opener in 2010.  Opening Day is my thing, and I'll be making my fifth home opener in a row, resuming a personal string of them in my lifetime.
It's a rare opener against the dreaded Yankees, only the sixth one in 113 years.  Turns out, I will have been to half of all of the Yankees home openers in Cleveland after today.

It was the Yankees in 1985.  I was there for a memorable Bert Blyleven story.  And a loss.

And it was the Yankees twenty years ago in 1993.  I was there then too, with a pretty memorable personal story to boot.  Yep, a loss.

It'll be the Yankees today.  Years of the Indians' playing second fiddle in the American League to the Yankees, a distant second fiddle, has worn on us Tribe fans.  We hate the Yankees.

Opening Day is my thing.  A win versus the Yankees today would make a nice, memorable Opening Day story for 2013.  Go Tribe!

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