Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Droning on About UAV's

Vehicles of all sorts are made here in Ohio.  So are a lot of aircraft components.  In fact, Ohio is the number one supplier state to both Boeing and Airbus.

So, why not drones?  The combination says, "Yes."

Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's), the drones are predicted to expand beyond military use in the not too distant future. 

Ohio's transportation budget had an item to allow ODOT to get into the business of drones too. 

The Dayton area in Ohio has spent a great deal of effort trying to position itself as a center of such work both politically and top of mind with industry. 

Ohio University in Southwest Ohio owns one for research.  I'm sure they aren't alone in doing that among Ohio colleges as universities are allowed, by law, to deploy them for research.

UAV's use accelerometers and, perhaps at least in some designs, inertial guidance systems of the sort manufactured and remanufactured at our Aerospace Center in Heath.  In fact, with the easily-obtained ability to block GPS systems, inertial guidance systems are likely to be a pre-requesite should such devices become more commonplace in the U.S.

Truth is, all of Ohio has the capability to be a player in this business.  It's an industry to watch.

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