Friday, March 8, 2013

Ten Years of TriPlatts: These Booties Are Made For Walking

My triplet children, aka the TriPlatts, celebrate their birthdays on March 13. I'm taking a "family" departure in the editorial realm the next few days. Thus, I'm taking ten days plus the last one, that March 13, to reflect on ten years with John, Brynley, and Brooks. I'm doing it to document those first ten years worth of memories, but I hope to share some entertaining thoughts along the way.

The Step 2 Choo Choo train rode everywhere with us.
Ways of getting around are another triplet topic.

Owed to Ford's Engineers:  My kids mom blames the engineers at Ford for the triplets coming early.  She was worried.  I couldn't figure out how to fit three car seats and the triplet stroller into our 2002 Ford Explorer and, at the same time, fit our oldest daughter and we. 
We debated what to do about the car "situation" on the evening of March 12, 2003.  One shouldn't upset a woman who's pregnancy left her measuring bigger around than she was tall.  Then, I would get the phone call to turn around and come to the hospital just as I got home.  She blamed it on the car design debate.
The Triplet Stroller:  Our Peg Perego was able to handle three babies once they were old enough to sit up on their own.  It got too heavy too pull, though, as they get much past one year old.  Though there was nothing else to use to get them around for that first year, it was a crying shame to buy such a massive investment as a triple stroller. Then, try shipping it after you sold it on e-Bay.
Step 2 Choo Choo Train:  Once they were old enough to walk, the Choo Choo Train from Step 2 was the mode of transportation in greatest use.  It lasted until they were almost five.  It went everywhere from the zoo to, even, church.  It was great.
Sadly, Step 2 had discontinued production when we were looking to buy it in late 2003.  I went so far as to, literally, call the CEO of Step 2 and try to see if he had one in the back room.  (He didn't.)  We managed to get one with a way-high bid, though, on e-Bay. I justified paying more knowing it would resell well.  But, ironically, we found Step 2 had restarted production by the time I was ready to sell it to a future user.  The resale value had sunk by then.

Tomorrow:  Gotta Go Potty?

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