Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten Years of TriPlatts: Feeding Three At a Time

My triplet children, aka the TriPlatts, celebrate their birthdays on March 13. I'm taking a "family" departure in the editorial realm the next few days. Thus, I'm taking ten days plus the last one, that March 13, to reflect on ten years with John, Brynley, and Brooks. I'm doing it to document those first ten years worth of memories, but I hope to share some entertaining thoughts along the way.

Dinner in Year 2
When to Eat--Before Year One:  When they were infants and since God gave most of us just two hands, it was hard to feed more than two at a time.  Though their mom figured out how to feed all three at once, it was easiest to stagger eating times at that age.  Until month four and they were sleeping through the night, our house was like Waffle House--open 24/7 for diners.

When to Eat--After Year One:  Then, as they graduated to high chairs, it was easiest to get them all to eat at the same time.  Eating is a big deal.  It still is!

Buying Baby Food:  No one liked being behind me at the grocery store when the TriPlatts were eating solid food sold in jars.  You can't buy a bulk baby food container.  It's one at a time and small.  I never found a cashier who could shorten the time it took to scan through a week's worth of baby food jars fast enough to make anyone behind me in line anything but annoyed.

Tomorrow:  Three Kids vs. Triplets

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