Monday, December 24, 2012

My Blog Christmas Wish List

My Top 5 Christmas wish list for my blog is here.

#5. A few more readers.  I'm not monetizing this blog, I'm merely channeling my innate desire to write.  Who doesn't want more people to read it though?

#4. One viral post.  Though I have a couple entries that have surpassed the four-figure mark in readership over time, I'm still not seeing any true "viral" post.  Just one would be ok.

#3. My Rust Belt message heard.  My personal favorite among the high-traffic blogs I've written is my Rust Belt Thesaurus Entry post.  I wouldn't mind if #4 and #3 combined. 

#2. More manufacturing inspiration.  The topic of manufacturing is worthy of daily attention.  I'm sensitive to too often writing about the same thing though so I wish for inspiration to write about manufacturing in several hundred different ways a year.

#1. Balance.  I can't write about manufacturing every day so I hope for a balance.  This is a column about perspective on family, community, and work after all.  My personal metric is to look at the keywords cloud list in the right-hand column.  If it gives Licking County (my community), the Port Authority (my work), family (my inspiration), and my favorite topics--manufacturing and economic development--bigger sizes than some of the other keywords, then I'm achieving balance.

Merry Christmas!

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