Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Watching Employment, With Some Good News (Maybe)

I've always been coached to watch employment, not unemployment.  So I do that.

If the numbers hold, Licking County hit an all-time high employment level last month.  The Ohio LMI Division published unemployment rates today and the published data showed an 80,300 employment number for people who reside in Licking County.

The chart above is from the published data in the state's query tool.

That's 300 more than the all-time high.

There's an asterisk though.   That's why I had to add "if the numbers hold."

The Labor Market Review report for the state reports 79,700 employed and a 1,300 person smaller labor force too.  However, as noted, the published data showed different numbers.  And, in fact, the published maps put out by LMI show 5.6% unemployment and not the 5.7% rate the LMR shows.

Though none of these numbers are to be seasonally adjusted, that could be an issue somehow at play.  It could also be a mistake.

Here's hoping the better numbers are correct.

While the issue gets sorted out, we'll have a good news celebration nonetheless.

UPDATE: The maps and queries were right.  The LMR report has since been updated to show the correct 80,300 employment level.  Thus, Licking County's October 2012 employment levels hit an all-time high.  Here's hoping that holds.

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