Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The View From Across the Pond

Andy sent me a column out of the UK aimed at delivering a wakeup call to European policy makers. For us Americans, it doubles as an upbeat way of looking at a brighter U.S. future.

It's a shame one has to go to an outside the U.S. to get an upbeat perspective. Glad I did though.

The piece combines the trends of reshoring of manufacturing with the shale gas boom for a combined futuristic look at the U.S. economy.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's popular column recited a stat I hadn't seen: "Some fifty new projects have been unveiled in the US petrochemical industry. A $30bn investment blitz in underway in ethelyne and fetilizer plants alone."

He found this tidbit somewhere too and shared it: "America looks poised to become the world’s biggest [oil] producer in 2014. It will approach the Holy Grail of 'energy independence' before the end of the decade."

I liked this one too: "The implications are momentous. America will no longer need a single drop of oil from the Islamic world."

Thanks for sharing, Andy. Thanks for writing, Ambrose.

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