Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Family Story With a Point

My Dad was a good father.  There's one thing he shouldn't have done though.

He knows how much my brothers and I hated shopping and going to the Mall.  So, one day, to get us to go without a complaint he said to us three, "You want to go to Cedar Point, boys?"

It was a weekday night and so, yes, I was skeptical as much as a nine year old could be.  My youngest brother would have been three years old, though, so he was buying it hook, line, and sinker.

He took us to the Mall and while outside of the department store O'Neills he pointed up at this ugly metal piece of art and declared, "See 'dar point!"

Oh, the let down.

I was reminded of this mid 1970's story when visiting Belden Village Mall with my daughter the other day.  The landmark is still there outside of Dillard's!  See 'dar point?

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