Sunday, September 30, 2012

One Year Later, Still Impressed With Newark Schools

A new path yet traveled has now been traveled.

Circumstances in the classroom dictated an abrupt change. It was a year ago that my three youngest kids started, mid quarter, at a new school in our local district.

I wrote a year ago optimistic about this tough decision.

One year later, I like the choice we made. It was a very good one. I remain an optimist.

My kids have thrived in the Newark City Schools. All three have made huge advances in math and reading. They are motivated in art, science, and social studies too.

The results are in on our school district itself too. A summary of the State's preliminary 2012 Report Card said, "Newark City Schools met 23 of 26 indicators — the most in district history — and improved in 15 test indicators. We also achieved a 97.3 performance index, which is our highest ever."

More reason for optimism.

Last point.

As a school district in Ohio's 20th largest City, Newark Schools, frankly, struggle with a large city's typical struggles. Demographics show Newark has more than the average poverty rates so Newark Schools see that too with more needs to meet than just curriculum ones in the classroom.

Knowing this, I'm all the more impressed with the job Newark City Schools are doing for my kids and their classmates.

One year later, I remain impressed. Keep it up, Newark.

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